6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Virgin Gorda

Welcome to the captivating island of Virgin Gorda, where crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and a tranquil ambiance set the stage for an unforgettable Caribbean getaway. If you're seeking an all-inclusive vacation experience that combines luxury, natural beauty, and relaxation, you've come to the right place.

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By McKenna Themm

McKenna Themm

McKenna Themm is a writer, editor, and poet currently based in Seattle. With an MFA in Poetry, she co-founded Breather Content, a digital content company. In 2023, she embraced the life of a digital nomad, traveling and working around the world. Her experiences abroad have informed and enriched her writing with diverse perspectives and insights.

Virgin Gorda, part of the British Virgin Islands, is known for its unspoiled charm, making it the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What sets Virgin Gorda apart is not just its stunning landscapes but also the incredible all-inclusive resorts that call this island home. These resorts offer more than just a place to stay; they provide an immersive experience that captures the essence of island living. 

For those who seek adventure, Virgin Gorda’s all-inclusive resorts have you covered. Whether it’s snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs, diving into underwater caves, or exploring the island’s natural wonders, there’s always an opportunity for thrill-seekers to make the most of their stay.

And let’s not forget the spa experiences that await you. These resorts boast state-of-the-art wellness centers where you can pamper yourself with rejuvenating treatments, massages, and therapies that will leave you feeling completely relaxed and revitalized.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Virgin Gorda, helping you discover the perfect retreat for your tropical paradise getaway. Let’s dive in! 

NamePhone NumberNumber of ReviewsAverage Rating
 Mango Bay Resort+1 284-340-8804444.5 / 5
Rosewood Little Dix BayN/AN/A
Bitter End Yacht Club+1 800-872-23924444.7 / 5
Leverick Bay Resort & Marina+1 284-542-40143184.5 / 5
Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel+1 284-441-3320764.3 / 5
Saba Rock Resort+1 284-393-92202654.7 / 5

Virgin Gorda’s 6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts

One of the reasons people love staying at these resorts and all-inclusive resorts is the unparalleled sense of luxury and comfort they offer. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the Caribbean Sea lapping at the shore, with your own private beachfront villa just steps away from the water. 

From elegantly appointed rooms to spacious suites and villas, these resorts are designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, ensuring that every moment of your stay is pure bliss.

But it’s not just about the accommodations; it’s about the entire experience. Many of these resorts offer world-class dining options that showcase the best of Caribbean and international cuisines. Whether you’re savoring fresh seafood, indulging in gourmet cuisine, or enjoying a beachfront barbecue, the culinary delights at these resorts are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Here’s our list so you can check them out for yourself: 

  1. Mango Bay Resort
  2. Rosewood Little Dix Bay
  3. Bitter End Yacht Club
  4. Leverick Bay Resort & Marina
  5. Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel
  6. Saba Rock Resort

Let’s dive in!


 Mango Bay Resort

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Mango Bay Resort is unique for its intimate, boutique-style setting, offering a secluded beachfront escape where personalized service and tranquility are at the forefront of the guest experience.

Why We Love It:

Nestled on the pristine shores of Virgin Gorda Island, Mango Bay Resort awaits your discovery. This charming hotel occupies a 2.5-acre compound with an impressive 327 feet of beachfront space, offering an intimate and inviting retreat.

Situated conveniently near the airport, Mahoe Bay, Savannah Beach, and the historic Holetown, Mango Bay Resort places you at the heart of Virgin Gorda’s captivating beauty and vibrant culture.

What sets Mango Bay Resort apart is its commitment to making your stay unforgettable. The resort provides complimentary access to kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters that surround you.

Whether you’re an experienced water sports enthusiast or a newcomer looking to try something new, Mango Bay Resort has you covered.

Inside Scoop:

The spacious, clean, and modern villas offer a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for you to unwind in. With amenities like grills and outdoor showers, you’ll find that every detail has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your stay.

But it’s not just the accommodations that make Mango Bay Resort special – it’s the proximity to everything you desire. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of local culture, you’ll find it just moments away.

And as if that weren’t enough, the friendly and accommodating staff add an extra layer of warmth and charm to your experience.

Travel Time:

Mango Bay Resort is located at Plum Bay Road Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands.


Guests who have had the pleasure of staying at Mango Bay Resort have raved about its beauty and the stunning beaches that grace its doorstep.

Many have praised the attentive and welcoming staff, who go above and beyond to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

And with recent renovations adding a touch of modern luxury to this Caribbean gem, it’s no wonder that Mango Bay Resort is hailed as one of the best places on earth to experience the magic of Virgin Gorda.


Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Rosewood Little Dix Bay stands out with its luxurious yet eco-friendly design, nestled amidst lush gardens and pristine beaches, providing a harmonious blend of natural beauty, sustainability, and world-class amenities.

Why We Love It:

Welcome to Rosewood Little Dix Bay, your gateway to a world of luxury and natural beauty on the stunning Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

This extraordinary resort sprawls across 500 acres of pristine wilderness, embracing a picturesque half-mile white-sand beach, a vibrant barrier reef teeming with marine life, and an 8-square-mile island that’s yours to explore.

At Rosewood Little Dix Bay, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary. With 81 accommodations to choose from, including private villas, charming cottages, and elegant single rooms, you’ll find the perfect sanctuary to call your own.

Each of these beautifully appointed retreats offers breathtaking views and seamless access to the powdery beach, ensuring that the essence of the Caribbean is always at your doorstep.

As you soak up the sun on the beach or lounge by the pool, you can enjoy refreshing beverages from the poolside bar and savor delectable cuisine at the beachfront dining venues. For those seeking wellness and fitness, the resort boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center to keep you energized during your stay.

Inside Scoop:

Rosewood Little Dix Bay is not just a destination; it’s a part of history. In 1958, the visionary conservationist Laurance Rockefeller, the grandson of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, purchased this remarkable land.

His dream came to life in 1964 when he opened the doors to this iconic resort, which remains a testament to his commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony, Rosewood Little Dix Bay invites you to create your own unforgettable story.

With a legacy of conservation and a commitment to providing the finest hospitality, this resort promises an escape like no other.

Travel Time:

Rosewood Little Dix Bay is located at FH67+FF, Lee Road, Valley, Spanish Town VG1150, British Virgin Islands.


Reviews from guests who have experienced the magic of Rosewood Little Dix Bay have been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Many have described it as the nicest resort in the Caribbean, with impeccable landscaping and an idyllic beach that sets the stage for an unrivaled vacation.

The exceptional service, the culinary delights, and the overall experience have left guests with memories that last a lifetime.


Bitter End Yacht Club

N Sound Rd, Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Bitter End Yacht Club offers a distinctive sailing paradise, catering to both seasoned sailors and novices, with its extensive water sports offerings, regattas, and a vibrant maritime community.

Why We Love It:

Welcome to Bitter End Yacht Club, the ultimate haven for water sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers in the British Virgin Islands.

Nestled in the picturesque North Sound of Virgin Gorda, the second-largest island in this tropical paradise, Bitter End Yacht Club offers you a unique and family-owned island experience like no other.

Founded in 1969, Bitter End Yacht Club beckons you with its historical charm and a wide array of exhilarating activities to keep you entertained.

What sets this resort apart is not just its stunning location but also its commitment to providing you with an unforgettable Caribbean adventure. As you arrive by boat, you’ll feel the excitement of embarking on a journey to a place where the sea meets endless possibilities.

Despite facing the challenges of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in 2017, Bitter End Yacht Club has emerged stronger than ever. The resort has been meticulously rebuilt, preserving its unique ambiance and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re seeking thrilling water sports like sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, or scuba diving, or you simply wish to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings, this is the place to be.

Inside Scoop:

At Bitter End Yacht Club, you can enroll in a sailing school, embark on fitness adventures at sea, paddleboard through tranquil waters, or join blue-water excursions that reveal the hidden treasures of the Caribbean.

For those who love the thrill of the regatta, Bitter End Yacht Club hosts exhilarating sailing competitions that bring out your competitive spirit.

As day turns to night, you’ll find yourself in the embrace of this cool and ambient resort, where the sounds of the sea and the friendliness of the staff create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Whether you’re sipping cocktails at the exceptional bar, mingling with fellow travelers, or simply savoring moments of tranquility, Bitter End Yacht Club promises a vacation experience that’s as unique as it is exhilarating.

Travel Time:

Bitter End Yacht Club is located at Sound Rd, Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands


Reviews from guests who have experienced the revamped Bitter End Yacht Club attest to its new cool style and the exceptional warmth of its people. Here’s what they say:


Leverick Bay Resort & Marina

British Virgin Islands

Leverick Bay Resort & Marina is known for its lively atmosphere, featuring waterfront bars and restaurants, a bustling marina, and a wide range of water-based activities, making it a hub of entertainment in the British Virgin Islands.

Why We Love It:

Welcome to Leverick Bay Resort & Marina, your vibrant 3-star retreat nestled in the heart of Virgin Gorda, within the breathtaking British Virgin Islands.

Situated along the picturesque shores of North Sound, a captivating blue lagoon renowned among sailors, this resort invites you to embark on an unforgettable Caribbean adventure.

Your journey begins in the comfort of colorful rooms adorned with balconies that offer stunning views of the surrounding beauty. Here, rattan furniture and spacious bathrooms set the stage for relaxation, while the allure of the outdoors beckons.

Step outside to discover an inviting outdoor pool, perfect for leisurely swims, and tennis courts that promise spirited matches amidst the tropical breeze.

With convenient mooring facilities and direct beach access, every day offers a new opportunity to explore and enjoy the pristine waters that surround you.

Inside Scoop:

Leverick Bay Resort & Marina isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s a destination for unforgettable experiences. Discover the value of exceptional amenities, such as a well-appointed marina, a restaurant serving delectable cuisine, and a lively bar where the fun never ends.

Whether you’re planning a thrilling jetski adventure or seeking the expertise of helpful staff to make the most of your stay, this resort is ready to cater to your every desire.

And when the sun sets, Leverick Bay comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. From the mesmerizing performances on the pirate ship stage to the enchanting atmosphere on the dock and the sparkling waters, your evenings here are nothing short of amazing.

Travel Time:

Leverick Bay Resort & Marina is located at North Sound Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands.


Guests who have had the pleasure of experiencing Leverick Bay Resort & Marina have praised the exceptional nightlife and the array of activities available, from jetski excursions to shopping at the charming market.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this resort offers the perfect blend of both.


Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel

The Valley Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel charms guests with its authentic Caribbean hospitality, unpretentious ambiance, and an idyllic beachfront location that immerses visitors in the unspoiled beauty of Virgin Gorda.

Why We Love It:

Welcome to Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel & Restaurant, your delightful 3.5-star haven on the enchanting Virgin Gorda, nestled within the captivating British Virgin Islands.

This beachfront retreat is not just a place to stay; it’s your gateway to a world of relaxation and stunning oceanfront vistas.

But it’s not just the location that sets Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel & Restaurant apart; it’s the culinary experience as well.

The on-site restaurant is renowned for serving delicious food and drinks, creating a culinary journey that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds.

The impeccable service ensures that every dining experience is a memorable one, with staff that’s both friendly and accommodating.

Inside Scoop:

As you step onto the premises, you’ll immediately notice the convenience of beach access, ensuring that the soothing waves of the ocean are just steps away from your door.

With free parking and complimentary WiFi, Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel & Restaurant is designed to cater to your every need.

The hotel’s prime location right on the oceanfront offers you the luxury of waking up to the gentle lull of the waves and the sight of a pristine beach just waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re lounging in the sun or taking a stroll along the shoreline, you’ll find that the scenery is nothing short of spectacular, with truly amazing views.

For those moments when you want to relax indoors while still enjoying the breathtaking surroundings, the beachfront recreation room beckons with its colorful furniture and stunning vistas. Here, you can unwind in style and comfort.

Travel Time:

Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel is located at The Valley Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands.


Reviews from guests who have experienced the charm of Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel & Restaurant rave about the great service and the beauty of the views.

Many are already looking forward to their next visit, a testament to the warm hospitality and exceptional experiences that await you.


Saba Rock Resort

North Sound Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Saba Rock Resort is a unique private island retreat, accessible only by boat, offering exclusivity and seclusion amidst the pristine waters of the British Virgin Islands, making it a haven for those seeking a remote paradise.

Why We Love It:

Welcome to Saba Rock Resort, your very own island paradise nestled within the stunning British Virgin Islands. Located in the picturesque North Sound of the island, this resort promises you an unforgettable tropical getaway.

As you set foot on this captivating island resort, you’ll discover a world of amenities designed to make your stay truly special. From the comfort of your small yet charming hotel room to the indulgence of the spa and sauna, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure your utmost relaxation.

With easy beach access and the convenience of room service, you have all the ingredients for a dreamy vacation right at your fingertips.

For those with a passion for diving, Saba Rock Resort goes the extra mile by offering dive training, thrilling dive trips, and a well-equipped dive shop. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting your underwater adventures, this resort has you covered.

After a day of exploring the vibrant marine life, you can unwind in the upstairs bar and lounge area, complete with a pool table and tantalizing cocktails.

As the sun sets, Saba Rock Resort truly comes alive, with its enchanting atmosphere illuminated by twinkling lights and a star-studded sky.

Inside Scoop:

The rich history of Saba Rock Resort adds to its allure. Founded by Herbert “Bert” Kilbride, a marine archaeologist and diving pioneer, in the 1960s, this resort embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Kilbride’s legacy also includes the creation of the famous Pirates’ Pub, hailed as one of the best oceanfront bars in the Caribbean.

Here, you can savor delicious meals and enjoy exciting activities like giant Jenga, making it a great place for families to come together and create lasting memories.

Travel Time:

Saba Rock Resort is located at Saba Rock Resort North Sound Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands.


Reviews from guests who have experienced the charm of Saba Rock Resort describe it as a very cool and family-friendly place. The evenings by the bar are filled with fun and laughter, offering you a chance to connect with fellow travelers and make new friends.

Thanks for Checking Out Our Guide to the 6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Virgin Gorda!

Virgin Gorda, with its breathtaking beauty and array of all-inclusive resorts and resorts, promises an unforgettable Caribbean escape for travelers seeking luxury, relaxation, and adventure. 

From the intimate seclusion of Mango Bay Resort to the eco-friendly elegance of Rosewood Little Dix Bay, and the lively maritime community at Bitter End Yacht Club, each resort offers a unique experience, catering to diverse tastes and desires.

Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply in search of a tranquil beachfront paradise, Virgin Gorda has it all. 

So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, these resorts invite you to immerse yourself in the natural wonders and warm hospitality of this enchanting island. 

Your dream Caribbean escape awaits in Virgin Gorda!

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